Generation Tux

Branding, UI/UX

Matthew Fonda


Matthew Fonda


Generation Tux is an online suit & tuxedo rental start-up company based in Louisville, KY. 


UI Concepts

Experimenting with a few prototype animations for the formalwear rental site

gentux blog design
lightbox popup

Transactional Emails

In early 2017, we refreshed all of our transactional email templates. I worked on the entire set ranging from account creation, order confirmation, etc.

transactional emails

Marketing Emails

In early 2018, we revisited various marketing email campaigns. I designed emails for various flows including the T-Minus, Event Nurture, Welcome Lead, etc.

marketing emails

Display Ads

I created animated and static display ads for various platforms including Google Display Network, Spotify, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Selected Works

Matthew FondaBranding

Generation TuxBranding, UI

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